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How to Use Direct Mail for Your Lawn Care Business?

When you look around, you can see unlimited number of ways which a small business can apply on their products and services. While other methods are traditional and unprecedented, the most popular method which has been around for a longer period of time and has been proven very effective is the direct mail.

Get Your Message Noticed
The biggest challenge with marketing is that when your marketing message is competing against several other competitors and with other businesses, you have to try to draw the attention of your customers. Every day, people come across with several competing sales messages. These are the most important ingredient of making your direct mail campaigns successful and thus, your message will be read. Unfortunately, for most of the businesses, the sales message never gets read. For making your message distinctive in the business market, you should remember certain things.

First, never make your message like the sales letter. When you are sending any letter, you have to consider the address in order to make it just like a personal letter. You can also send the letter without any return address. You can also put your name on the address instead of the company’s name. There’s another way for making your letter unique in the market. You have to create curiosity on your envelope. You have to grab the attention of the customers through your statement. This will go a very long way and more people will be interested to open your letter.

Finally, when you have discovered how to make your prospect open your letter, you have won half the battle. Next, you have to get these so that your message gets read. You letters should be attention grabbing which conveys a powerful message. You can also paint a picture on the benefits that they are going to receive through the letter. This will take you to the next crucial step to successful mail campaigns.

The Perfect Message for Your Market
You have to create a powerful marketing message which seizes the attention of your customers and tells them why you are qualified to solve their every problem or satisfy their requirements. Your message should convey the result of using your service. Your goal with this message is to stand out from the crowd.

When you have this powerful message, you should make sure that it gets delivered to the prospects who receive it. Businesses are very guilty of using of using such services which randomly throw their message, hoping to hit the right person. In order to ensure maximum results, which craft marketing message, you can meticulously choose to market you message in the easiest way.

You can also do this by analyzing the current customer base or just by making a profile of the ideal customer. What are some of the common characteristics among them? Are they neighbors? Do they come in the same income circle? When you have already identified the right market, you can deliver your powerful message that will attract majority of people that will be receptive to your service.

Direct Mail Is a Powerful Marketing Method
Though most of the small businesses know about this method, there are many who have used it as the part of their marketing efforts. But, there are many people who can’t make the most of the direct mail. Due to this, the results experienced by most are less than the stellar and has led to the false assumption that direct mail doesn’t work effectively.

This can be the most powerful tool for marketing your business. There are some of the key steps which should be followed for maximizing the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign. Without the help of direct mail pieces, a majority of campaigns will never be successful and you will get mediocre results which will lead to complete failure. Here are some of the tips which should be followed to create successful direct mail campaigns which produce effective results.

Multi-step Marketing
It’s the secret ingredient for making your direct mail successful. You need to use this properly which can dominate your target market in a very short amount of time. Several times, businesses can move your prospects from the point A to Z in a giant step. They don’t realize that it’s easier to move prospects from the point A to B and then from the point B to C till they reach the point Z.

The goal of this process is to get your prospects to the next step. When it relates to lawn care campaigns, the goal of the letter is to get new customers. This is one goal, but this will be equivalent of the point Z. The goal of direct mail campaigns is to get interested prospects for identifying themselves.

Emphasize on Benefits, not Features
This mistake is often made by people when it comes to marketing, they speak about features rather than the benefits. This mistake will sabotage the best marketing campaigns. Features are mainly factual, tangible and verifiable. These are also mentioned as bullet points which most of the companies put in front. Here are some possible features for a lawn care business.

  • Weekly service
  • Insured and licensed
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Clients are very much satisfied

Benefit is the intangible results of the features of your product. The benefits come as a result of the tangible aspects of business. Benefits will sell your service because of the images and the feelings which they evoke in the prospects. These are the things which you should talk of the marketing message. Here are some benefits which will result from these features.??

  • Peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with a true professional
  • The assurance of any situation can be dealt easily


The goal of direct mailing list is to give a free estimate and also to keep your message consistent. You can put all benefits which they will receive from the service, but it’s recommended not to mention anything about the weekly and yearly contracts.


How to Use Vinyl Banners for Your Company?

Professional vinyl banners are aimed mainly for the potential customers and clients. This is the most effective way to make your new business attractive. When you use the vinyl banners for your company, it can help you to motivate new clients and can start on the right track for building long-term relationships. You need to think of the company and how vinyl banners can reach the customers to increase sales.

You can use bold and professional designs and colors on vinyl banners. This is an excellent way to draw the attention of the clients and customers. You can also add a strong and trustworthy message in your banner in order to hold the clients. Some of the effective uses of vinyl banners are listed below.

Grand Opening of New Business
Vinyl banners can be used for a grand opening for your new business. This is the most important occasion to capitalize on the storefront and can build the customer base. For grand opening of your business large banners can be used that can be hung across in front of the company which will grab the attention of your business. The residents and businesses will help you to start your business. You can start the brand image by designing the slogan and colors of your business.

Build Brand Awareness
The most important part of your business is building your brand identity. You need to build brand awareness by making the company logo and design highly visible. You can use these vinyl banners to attract the attention of the viewers and troy advertise while servicing larger so it can be visible to your prospective clients in order to identify your business at the local events. The banner which you design for your business includes your logo, slogan and business.

Special Offers
Special offers are the best way for attracting new clients. Make use of the specials in order to grab attention of your client. This is a good way for reaching new customers and builds the customer base by showing the services to your professional staff. You can use the outdoor banners to announce free deals for your new customers.

There are several companies which offer various services. You need to inform your customers about the specialty. In this way, you will know how frequently they visit your site for service warranty. You can design the large advertising banner with bulleted list and business name that will make your company distinctive from others.

The service guarantee is the most deciding factor in your business. If you can offer a guarantee on your services or a warranty to the customers, then you have to take time to advertise it. You can hang the indoor banners to encourage customers so that they feel secure with their decisions and can hang the outdoor banners to emphasize your professionalism to your prospective customers. You should include guarantee on your banners and can see how fast you become the first choice for your business product and service.

How to Promote Your Business through Vinyl Banners?
Vinyl banners can be used by business in order to publicize advertise and showcase your products. These banners are colored and very attractive. This is a way to good advertising. Most of these banners are made from paper. Because of this, these are very durable and decay overtime if you use them too often. Moreover, the paper banners are be cut very easily. Vinyl banners are much better than traditional banners. They never look the same and can behave and feel differently.

Vinyl banners are usually made from the material, called poly vinyl chloride. These banners never look better than the paper banners, but these are much durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. The traditional banners hold up in the heat for a long time. But, the vinyl banners vinyl doesn’t have this problem. You can print these banners in different sizes, whether small or large. While these can be used with indoors and outdoors, the temperature resistance and durability can make them ideal for outdoor use.

Create Well-Designed Banners
Various other fields of business use vinyl banners to promote their products. The informational posters and marketing campaigns are some examples that are mainly used in road shows, schools and events. Whether personal or private, banners are versatile in the usage and these can be customized with colors, letters and styles. The large banners can be easily seen from far and these can attract the large population who take notice of your banner.
Personalized vinyl banners can be hung or placed in the wall. Banner stands are excellent for indoor places, like trade shows and shopping malls. The hanging banners are good for outdoor use as these are tied to the wall so that they can withstand all weather conditions. Outdoor banners are bigger than the indoor ones and these can be easily viewed from long distances. These banners are heavier than paper banners; so, they will never fly away easily. So, these banners can be used on any weather conditions.

Reach Your Target Audience
When you place your banners outside the office, in a trade show or event, be sure that people who view your banners are your prospective customers. You are not at all wasting your time or resource for reaching your customers. This is an excellent tool to reach your customers easily. There are several other promotional medium which can reach your target customers, placement of the banners will ensure that you are reaching to your target audience.

Vinyl banner signs are mainly for temporary use and are ideal for grand openings and the sale of new products. You can see the custom banners hanging above the buildings when there’s an event. You can get this type of vinyl banners of any size and shape. You can see some banners that are displayed outside and positioned on retractable banner stands.??

Thus, vinyl banners are the perfect way for advertising your business to the target market. Though there are several media and advertising techniques which can speared your marketing through captivating messages, the old-age marketing medium will offer several advantages.



Important Facets of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the most effective way of marketing for your customers and clients. There are three things which you should keep in mind.

  • Direct marketing brings in more cash in the fastest way and in very short amount of time
  • It creates a lasting impression with your customers.
  • Direct marketing builds trust between you and potential customers. This is the most important thing in every kind of business.


There are various direct marketing secrets which you can use in order to make your customers and prospects to buy more when you upsell, when you are offering existing clients more of your products to buy at higher price, which is known as back-end offers. You should make sure that you have an email list.

Provide Your Email Address
You should provide your email list of your existing and old customers. You have to check up on your customers every other month or every two weeks. In this way, your business can be in front of them every two weeks or month.

Send Free Additional Information
But don’t send your customers anything, you can send some free gifts or free additional information about the product they bought from you. In that way, you need to make them like and trust you. Thus, they will be willing to do additional business with you as they will see that you genuinely want to help them.

Put Your Contact Information
In direct marketing, you need to put your contact information for your customers where your customers can reach you easily. If you want, you can also put your picture on your website. You should dress smartly in a suit and a tie and put a warm smile on your face.

While sending your emails, you must use a readable font that your prospects won't be straining their eyes while going through it. You need to use Times New Roman and your font size will be less than 12.

Give Captivating Headline on Your Sales Copy
The headline of your sales letter should be bold and big in size so that it can attract and capture the eye and the mind of the readers and you should be sure of your headline in quotes. There are many people who respond well to the quoted headlines than the unquoted ones.

Make sure that your headline is not in caps. Mix it with the small lettered words. As people read in small letters, the first letter must be in capital of your headline leaving articles and prepositions. Your headline needs to be bright red as it attracts more attention but your sales letter body should be black in color. For instance, the perfect headline should be like this ‘How to Start a Business with Less Than $100’.

Some Direct Marketing Tricks
Without the help of a good headline, the rest of your sales copy will not be read. This equalizes failure. Your headline should bring your customers at your door. This is the beginning of your sales pitch and you have to hook enough interest in order to entice your prospect. There are some tested marketing tricks which increase the chances of a successful headline. Here are some of the proven tactics.

  • First, put quotation marks around any statement for a higher readership rate. People are mainly attracted to the speech marks as they are naturally curious about what the others say.


  • Make use of the word ‘How’. This will make people think they are going to offer advice on how to do something.
  • You can use the word ‘simple’ or ‘easy’ as people believe the solution is not at all difficult to achieve.


  • The word ‘tricks’ also make the solution seem easy and simple.
  • You can use the words ‘these’. You need to follow some simple tactics for boosting your brain power for marketing your business successfully.


  • You should use active sentences, not passive.?? ‘How fast and easy sales tricks get you bigger profits.’ It sounds as if the tricks will do hard work for you, you don’t have to put much effort in order to get these profits.
  • Whenever possible, you can use the word ‘your’ or ‘you’ for quite a number of times. People love to read things which interest us, and making use of the words ‘your’ and ‘you’ will make your headline more personal and focused on the reader. People are more interested in themselves.


  • Every headline should be followed by a subhead and if the subhead doesn't raise interest in your reader, your mission fails. The only purpose of the subhead is to encourage your reader to read your sales copy.
  • You can also make your sales copy interesting by asking questions. This will engage your reader and will prompt them to read answers. This is very much helpful in direct marketing. For example, you can use bullet points. Eyes get easily attracted to the bullet points or numbered lists as these are easy and fast to read and are packed with information.


  • You should try to keep your paragraphs short. No one likes to go through the long blocks of text; it's becomes very difficult when reading on a computer screen. It’s better to keep your paragraphs short and simple. You don’t have to impress your reader with wide range of synonyms. People are not at all interested in that. They are only interested in only what you have to offer them. So, it’s very important to use simple words which everyone can understand easily.
  • You should present your copy as if you are having a friendly conversation with your reader, not like a formal speech. Your copy should be simple and well-organized conversation. So, you have to write as if you are their friend, not a stranger.


Direct Marketing is a sales method where the advertisers approach your customers directly with your advertisement, business products and services. The most usual method of direct marketing is telephone sales, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, direct visits etc. Thus, direct marketing is very attractive to many companies as the campaign results can be measured directly. For instance, when the marketer sends nearly 5000 messages by mail, the company can easily calculate the campaign gave 5 percent response rate.



How to Write Compelling Brochures?

Brochures are informative marketing tool. Due to its size, the promotional printed brochure can’t be detailed as a website or as a catalogue. But the content must be sales oriented. The principle key to achieve this is to awaken the curiosity of the readers in order to offer products or services showcased in brochures. The product and service brochures are low-profile and low-tech. These are best to grab headlines, like social media. Nevertheless, brochures can serve as a purpose. Brochures are very effective.

The purpose of a product or service brochure is to address what the prospect wants and will need to know and why to offer best solution. You can build on that and cover the five things in order to ensure you write engaging, persuasive and compelling brochures. Here are some of the tips you must follow while writing brochures.

Product Brochures Must Communicate Your Message Clearly
Brochures need to focus on the readers which want to know and why the company has the best solution. If your product and services have superior features, you can list and can also explain them. You need to highlight the key points. You must not go exhaustive detail. You need to grab the attention of the customers and need to satisfy their appetite. For further details, you can refer to your prospects to other marketing contents.

Brochures Should Have a Target Audience
You need to write compelling brochures in order to identify your target audience. This will help you to craft a clear message. You prospects must know that you will automatically write content which are useful. Senior executives have more interests than operations managers. Operation managers have several interests. This will hold and grab their attention.

Narrow the Objective of Brochures
You have to narrow down the scope of your objective. What’s the purpose of your product brochure? You can also unique selling proposition. Can you focus on a specific feature or any aspect of your service? Answering these questions can make your objective clear to your audience.

Focus On Selective Points of Your Product and Service
At this stage, you must further narrow your topic. In some other words, you never try to cover the landscape. You have to drill down and write down the essential products or service information in brochures. You can feature these points which will set you apart from your competitors. What drives your industry will help in writing persuasive brochures. You can connect easier and faster with your audience.

When you relate to issues impacting the prospects, you can establish your own ground. It’s a new technology and the business process is a new regulation. You need to write high-quality brochures. They will give your audience the information you need and want. Compelling brochures can promote your brand, setting you apart from the competition.

Benefits of Printed Brochures

Brochures Can Be Easily Managed
Brochures can be available in small size, so you must not require an internet-access which is dependent on power. Users can place these where there is not much place.

Brochures Are Inexpensive
Brochures are much less expensive than catalogues, billboards and newspaper ads. Design is very much important but it’s easy to follow the corporate and branding image.

Ease in Distribution
Brochures can be distributed in several ways. These can be mailed and can be placed in the point of sales, in waiting room of offices, in workshops and in tradeshows, give a couple of examples. Brochures are a part of catalogs and letters can be mailed together without increasing postage costs.

Brochures Look Professional
Most of the times, brochures are made from the images and the texts. Brochures can provide some necessary information which a client needs about a product or a service and can create the interest to possess it. The interest can increase when the discount coupons are included in brochures.

Brochures Are Measurable
Brochures can be tracked by including redemption codes which can be used online or in the business outlet.

Brochures Are Effective
Compared to the other marketing tools, brochures can deliver some higher results in much less time. The effectiveness can increase with rebates, special offers or discounts.

Brochures Are Targeted
You can also target specific niches without investing several amounts of money while using brochures. The printed brochures are a part of marketing strategy.

Advantages of Brochure Marketing

Brochures are Distributed Easily
Brochures can be distributed very easily. Most of the brochures can be easily folded into standard mailing sizes. These can be sent very easily. These can also be handed out on the street. These are mainly placed in high-traffic street corners.

There are several businesses that find benefits while creating tailored brochures. This will help your business to provide enhanced customization and will allow your prospects to feel as if they are your valued potential client.

Brochures add an extra layer of integrity. Brochures can easily expand your branding showing that you are more than just a business card and letterhead. Brochures will give you the perfect opportunity in order to let your prospects know hours you have been working in business including the benefits of the services and the experience you have.

Compared to any other marketing piece, proceeding consistent branding is very important. People can hold the brochures for extended period of time. They always want to and touch them and keep them at their desk. Make sure that your brochures are well branded which will go a very long way in the market.


Direct Mail
Brochure mailing is a very big industry. Mailing brochures to your prospects is the best way to gain business. Brochures can be ‘self-mailed’ which means these are folded and tabbed and are addressed to the recipients. The other option is to have your brochures placed inside the envelopes. These are some of the excellent options for luxury items where customization leads a long way.

Thus, brochures are the most popular form of marketing. With the help of multiple shapes, sizes and personalized options, brochures can inform your prospects all over the world.



Importance of Greeting Cards in Every Occasion

While walking inside the store while purchasing a greeting card, you will come across several high prices of the greeting cards, which will be overwhelming. When you pay for your greeting card, you have to put with the wording that someone else wrote.

Greeting cards are very powerful and it can bring a smile on the person’s face which you are sending. Nothing can replace the power of getting a physical card. You can appreciate others when they have amazing power. You can send your greeting card to someone and see how it changes their emotions.

When you are searching for free greeting cards online, it comes up as e-cards. These are free but are highly impersonal. Most of the people never open these because they fear that they have viruses in them. Most of the people want a real greeting card delivered in the mail. Statistics prove that when you get an e-card, it will end up in the trash can when people get a real card which they keep them for a long time.

Use of E-Cards
You can see people keep the real cards around the smile and appreciation which can out their face for the first time, having lasting effects for several months. When you get a real card in the mail, it has a positive effect on the person who receives it. Many times, e-cards can have a negative effect. This is more beneficial to stimulate positive feelings to the loved ones which have a reciprocal effect.

You have also sent a free greeting card in the mail and see that how appreciation works in time. You can send a free card which has an immediate effect on making you feel good right away. It’s a well-known fact that when you are a funk and you want to get out of it, you have to send a card of appreciation to someone.

Types of Greeting Cards
The greeting cards have a long history for more than 500 years. They have evolved from the hand-paint parchment sheets which are presented for the special events and also as a token of appreciation to the e-greeting. The Chinese, Egyptians and Europeans have exchanged good wishes for their respective years through these cards.

In the modern days, being a personalized craft to the greeting card has run small and large businesses. They have never lost their appeal. Whether it’s a special event, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding card, a get-well-soon card or a thank you card for saying sorry, hello or best wishes, the greeting card will say it all.

There are several greeting cards on every occasion in people's lives. They come in various styles according to different categories and budgets. Generally, they are accompanied by a matching envelope. Greeting cards are sent by post in many places, but can be couriered, hand-delivered or can also be sent over the Internet. There are literally thousands of categories of greeting cards.

Personalized Photo
Greeting cards provide a personal touch. These are printed on photosensitive paper; they will have a photo-insert slot in order to add your own pictures. These are great for events and family occasions and also for your close friends.

Regular Cards
Greeting cards are available in the conventional format of folded card-paper, with the appropriate words inside and outside. You can send their greetings or note. These are available in various sizes, designs, materials and budgets. The greeting cards are available with their matching envelopes.

Greeting cards are printed on the recyclable materials and recycled paper, using eco-friendly printing processes. Some of these cards are reusable with the removable inside pages.

Music Cards
These cards can play the music, such as Christmas carols and Happy Birthday tune. Some of the greeting cards will allow adding your own customized tune for the special events, such as Valentine's Day.

One-liners, light-hearted jokes and puns are slightly naughty words which can be used in the greeting cards to convey a humorous take on the occasion or event, depending on the relationship between the receiver and sender.

Great Option for All Occasions
Today, sending the greeting cards has become the norm in small towns and villages. These cards can be used in every event. Greeting cards are available in most of the supermarkets, book-shops and department stores. There are special cards and the shops run by the franchises of the big card companies which deal in cards, gifting ideas and the other accessories, such as gift-wrap paper. Depending on your personal style and occasion and budget, you can pick the right greeting card.

This is the latest trend in the greeting cards, where customized designs with hand-crafted or hand-painted decorations are available, with their special message printed.

The increase is demand of greeting cards has opened the market for a huge variety of them. Manufacturers now experiment with style, category, cuts, material and content to give users an inexhaustible selection to pick from. You can avail cards catering to different moods and occasions. The content included in them is treated in different ways for poems, beautiful and emotional wordings and comic ones too. This gives you the freedom to present a card as per your relation with the person. So if you are extremely pally with the person, you can opt for a funny card, or if you are presenting it to your boss, then a formal card will do the trick.

Greeting Cards for Every Occasion
Apart from the local stores piling these greeting cards, you can find a plethora of these online with the sites which deliver these to the address you want.?? This is excellent in when your loved one is staying out of the country or town. They have offered the option of sending these across the digital greeting cards which come with the sound, animation and special effects.

Greeting cards are a famous option all over the globe. The home of various festivals and ethnic tradition, there are various occasions where people gift beautiful greeting cards to their family and friends. You can find these greeting cards for Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Valentine's Day, New Year and much more.


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